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10 Tax Deductions for Daycare Providers

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on May 30, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Now that tax time is past you can start to focus on preparing for the next one. Isn’t that a cheery thought? Maybe not, but it is a necessary one if you want to maximize your tax deductions and make the next tax season a little less stressful.

Let’s take a look at how the IRS defines different types of daycares and ten potential deductions you might take advantage of the next time around and run the best daycare service possible.

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8 Tips for Implementing a Childcare Management System

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on May 23, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Deciding to purchase and implement a childcare management system should be approached as a multi-step process. It requires planning and consideration before you approach vendors about their solutions as well as planning for the transition to the new system and continuing support.

The following tips are a tried and true method of selecting, installing, training, and implementation of a new childcare management software system.

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Pros and Cons: Cloud vs. On-Premise Childcare Management Software

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on May 16, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Where is the best place for your software solution to reside: on your computer or in the cloud? Both methods of deployment have positives and negatives as well as some unique features or benefits not available in the other.

Let’s take a look at the differences, pros, and cons of on-premise (installed) software and cloud-based childcare software solutions.

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Improving Customer Satisfaction in Childcare: Keeping Parents Happy

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on May 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Customer satisfaction is a powerful driver of customer retention and customer loyalty. For childcare businesses, measuring and improving customer satisfaction is a two-pronged activity – the children are the receivers of the service, but the parents have the determination of facility.

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How to Reduce Costs in After School Programs

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Apr 25, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Reducing costs for your after school program may be necessary to stay afloat. The business expenses and costs of operating an after school program continue to rise as prices for supplies, equipment, and other necessities go up while wages remain stagnant.

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Can Campground Management Software Increase Cash Flow?

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Apr 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Campground management software does more than handle your registration and scheduling. It also contains financial applications that can help you track accounts and manage your cash.

Before you can increase your cash flow, you need to monitor and measure all sources of income and expenses, so you have data to make an educated revenue projection for the future.

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Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Cloud-Based Childcare Software

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Apr 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Childcare businesses are always trying to find ways to be more productive at a lower cost. Computers and software have played a key role in increasing productivity in many businesses, but cost continued to be a factor, especially for small business.

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Tips for Streamlining Day Care Management

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Apr 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM

There are only so many hours in the day and managing your own day care business can take up every one of them if you cannot manage your time. Few things are as busy as a day care from morning until night, except, perhaps, for nap time.

However, the business end of a day care will not wait until the perfect time. You must take advantage of some time-saving tips and technology to streamline day care management and keep your sanity.

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6 Common Problems When Managing a Day Care and How to Fix Them

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Mar 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

It takes more than a love of children to run a day care center. It is a business in which you will likely manage employees, maintain a facility, and watch over daily operations.

Here are six areas where problems commonly appear in day care management and how to fix them.

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Measuring Success and Improving Your After School Program

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Mar 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Quality improvement has been a watchword for most industries over the past 30 years. Today’s need to measure the success of and improve your after school program using data and evidenced-based improvements is an outgrowth of those programs, which have begun to mature.

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