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Introducing the Touch-less Attendance Module

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Mar 11, 2021 6:08:02 PM

touch-less attendanceMany childcare facilities relied on printed rosters, binders, and other manual methods of keeping attendance in the past. These days, when social distancing is required and cleanliness has reached new heights, the old ways won't work.Enter the touch-less attendance module.

By beginning the check-in process remotely and bypassing paper sign-in sheets or a single computer monitor, parents are assured of the safety of the process, and you gain efficiencies at the beginning and end of the day.

What is touch-less attendance, and what are some ways touch-less attendance can help your childcare business?

Touch-less Attendance: An Overview

EZChildTrack's touch-less attendance module allows parents to begin the check-in remotely before they ever get to the daycare or preschool.

Using a mobile device, parents generate a QR code that is automatically printed while the child is still in transit. Once the parent and child arrives at the facility, the parent’s signature is automatically recorded with the correct date and time.

At pick-up, the reverse occurred, telling staff that a parent was on the way while the system prepared to capture the pick-up time.

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Eliminate Lines and Crowds

For physical sign-ups, parents and their children are forced to wait in line or congregate somewhere in the facility, waiting to hunt for their child’s name on a piece of paper. Then they sign and provide the correct date and drop-off and pick-up time. 

Alternatively, parents may have waited their turn at a computer terminal, signing in with a user ID. The staff may do the paperwork, but the parents still have to wait until someone was available to take their child. 

Delays could be caused by running out of forms, losing writing implements, and locating the correct form or binder. Later, administration takes longer whenever a parent signed in using the wrong date or time (or neglected to provide either).

When the parent returns, a staff member is required to catch them to correct the form.

Touch-less attendance does away with the crowding at the beginning and end of the day. Your staff and the children are less harried, and there is no need to chase down a parent to correct a form.

Eliminate Paper Logs

How many trees could you save without the need to print paper rosters? And how much space would you gain without file cabinets taking up room?

You can forgo purchasing reams of printer paper and save an ocean of ink when you skip all that. Additionally, the scanning time and date is always correct. The system tracks all late pick-up times to add fees to the account, all without your intervention.

Restrict the Entry of Unauthorized Individuals

If the parents are generating the sign-in from their personal device, there is no reason for anyone to approach or enter your facility that shouldn’t be there. The lack of crowds at the entryway ensures there is no camouflage for an unauthorized individual to sneak in. 

Touch-less attendance reduces the chance a non-custodial parent can pick up a child without permission, too. If you need a report showing who has picked up a child during a particular period, you can quickly generate one.

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Reduce Staff Workload

Your staff already has plenty to do with the required disinfection protocols and regular teaching. With touch-less attendance, nobody needs to take time to print rosters, review them daily, and arrange for corrections. 

Nobody has to keep an eye out for a specific parent to obtain a missing signature, date, or time. No filing. And no manual data transfer to other forms, reports, or computer programs. 

Touch-less Check-in with Remote Start and Label Printing

In today’s world, maintaining our distance and increasing efficiency is paramount for a successful customer-facing business. Parents want to know their children are safe and that they, themselves, are at less risk. They also like shorter lines for dropping off and picking up their child.

The staff appreciates having less administrative work and less risk to themselves as well. And overall, you save money on paper, ink, filing space, and staff hours. 

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