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A Walk-Through of EZChildTrack's Online Registration Tool

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Feb 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

ezchildtrack online registration tool

EZChildTrack software allows hassle-free input of registration data online using secure electronic registration forms. The inclusion of registration forms enables parents to open new accounts via the Parent Portal.

The online registration tool provides a host of benefits to you and your clients. Along with quick and easy registration, you save labor costs and reduce errors. When you offer online payment of registration and enrollment fees, you decrease the time for the money to be deposited into your account for a level and efficient revenue stream.

Let’s take a walk through the EZChildTrack online registration tool.

Secure Registration

Clients reach the online registration tool through the parent portal.

  • All online transactions are totally secure.
  • You can use a preformatted registration form or customize the form any way you like.
  • The form contains numerous user-defined fields to meet every need.
  • You and your clients can upload important documents and waivers to through the registration tool.
  • Parents receive an automatic email upon registration approval

Every piece of registration is handled automatically. There is no need to enter data manually, which can introduce errors and take up valuable staff time in a repetitive task.


Specify Preferences

You can customize the registration tool with your own registration and enrollment preferences.

  • Specify when each family is to be charged based on the time of enrollment.
  • Determine how many children from each family are enrolled as well as total enrollment.
  • Create prorated fees for those enrolling later in the session or in the middle of a billing period.
  • Allow clients to pay the registration and enrollment fees all at once or as a monthly installment.

EZChildTrack lets you create forms, collect fees, and communicate the way you want to. You know the best way to keep in touch with your parents. If you have an existing form, you can easily translate it into the online registration tool or take advantage of the change to acquire actionable information to grow and improve your business.

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Define Account and Registration Fees

If you plan to offer calendar-based enrollment and enrollment in additional activities, set up your client accounts and parent portal to notify parents about new offerings and allow them to enroll their children into the new class easily.

You can set the fees for each class as well as the weekly or monthly basic childcare fee. Parents can open their secure account through the portal to learn of new opportunities for their child and get them enrolled early.

Other fees you may charge can be automatically added to the correct account. For example, if you charge a fee for late pickup, you can customize your online registration tool to pull the information from the attendance database, which shows what time each child is picked up.

The correct parent’s account will be charged the fee anytime the parent arrives after the official pick-up time. At the end of the billing cycle, all late pickup fees are added to the invoice. Nothing falls through the cracks, and there is no additional effort from you. The system automates everything.

The same applies to late payment fees. Your tool adds on any fees to the invoice at the end of the next billing period. You also have the option to suspend accounts for non-payment.


Lower Your Labor Costs

It can’t be stated often enough. The more time you and your staff spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to spend with the children. Manually entering data risks creating errors that may be compounded throughout the system. It also requires someone to verify the work for accuracy.

Also, with online registration, you don't collect hard-copy documents that must be filed. Filing takes time, and you need space for storage. You must also store records off-site once you run out of room. There is information you need to keep, you can’t just throw things away at the end of the year. So you pay for added storage and use valuable time delivering the records there.

Online registration allows you to store everything electronically in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are some of the most secure there are. Cloud childcare software providers, like EZChildTrack, understand how important your business data is. We provide excellent data security and a way to recover lost data after a disaster.

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Streamline Registration

The online registration tool streamlines the entire process. Instead of leaving registration forms at the front of your business or mailing them when someone calls to request them, you can have them set up an account with the Parent Portal directly from your website. No need to print batches of forms or mail them anywhere.

Where before, the parents had to fill out forms and mail them in or drop them off, now you can receive them online. The parents don't need to take that extra trip or pay postage, and neither do you. Each child has a complete record from the beginning, accessible from any device, any time, anywhere. You aren’t glued to your desk or your filing cabinets.

The online registration tool stores all client information in a central database where it can be used by other applications of the childcare management solution. There is no duplication of data, and there are no data entry errors such as transpositions, misspellings, or erroneous charges.

Once you have completed the set-up when you implement your childcare management system, the system takes care of itself.

Agency Payments

When parents enroll online, they can set up their account for subsidized payments. The system will receive and credit the correct account when the subsidy or grant is received from the agency. At the end of the year, you can generate reports and tax statements well before Tax Day.

The EZChildTrack online registration tool is convenient for you, your staff, and your clients. Parents can enroll their children through the parent portal anytime, day or night. The system is always available.

You can accept payments via credit care or e-check and be paid instantly. No more trips to the bank and waiting for the checks to clear. There are no missed registration fees, and the system can prompt for missing information before the parent completes the process. 

The online registration tool from EZChildTrack is designed to save labor and administration costs as well as save a few trees into the bargain.

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