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10 Ways Childcare Management Software Can Improve Your After School Program

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Oct 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM

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Welcome to a taste of our ebook “10 Ways Childcare Management Software Can Improve your After School Program.”

Administering an after school program, school vacation program, or other childcare offerings can take up a substantial portion of your time. The tasks are endless, and without automation, you and your staff are forced to make do with separate applications that are not integrated together and handwritten rosters for check in and check out.

Below are five benefits of EZChildTrack childcare management software to kick your program to the next level and give you more time with the kids.

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1. Enhance reporting

A business runs on reports. As the administrator of the program, you need to stay ahead of developments. An executive dashboard shows you all the essential details of your program on one screen.

Data is acquired in real-time, so you have access to your current budget, expenses, and financial reporting.

Multiple reports are available to you including customer statements, aging reports for unpaid balances, tax statements, and more.

2. Streamline enrollment and registration

You will win points with parents by providing online enrollment and registration. No more losing paperwork or transferring data from document to device.

Once the record has been created, you can easily add immunization records, notifications, emergency contacts, and other details to speed up enrollment and save you time and money on services and supplies.

Childcare management software lets you accept credit or debit cards, make automatic bank withdrawals using ACH or EFT, or electronically process checks.

3. Centralize operations

Are you responsible for an afterschool program with multiple locations? Childcare management software can centralize operations including scheduling, payroll, and records for both families and employees.

You can instantly update program, staff, and activity schedules for a single location instantaneously. Everything can be acquired for revenue projections for future planning. All your data is securely stored, and you can allow limited access to those who need it.

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4. Track attendance and meals

Using manual logs or rosters to track attendance and meals is an exercise in futility. Trying to keep up with vacations, absences, and meal reports for multiple children can take more time than signing the kids in or fixing their meals.

You need to accurately monitor attendance and meals to remain within budget and provide reports for state agencies and audits. The ability to schedule activities by calendar can also save money on supplies; you won’t buy too much if you know exactly how much you need.

5. Reduce IT maintenance

Client-server based software (software loaded directly onto your computer) limits you in many ways. You are forced to use the computer at the facility for all your administration, and the data cannot be shared with multiple locations.

You are responsible for updates and upgrades and data security for every location as well as maintenance of the software and servers.

Cloud-based childcare management software provides the ability to access the application any time, from anywhere, using any device. You are no longer tied to the office to administer your program. Also, the vendor provides all updates automatically, and your monthly subscription covers them.

If your program increases or decreases in size, you can easily scale the application to fit your needs.

The five benefits mentioned above may seem extraordinary all by themselves, but we can share five more benefits such software offers for after school administrators.

To find out the other five ways childcare management software can benefit your after school program, download the ebook. Then you can contact us anytime you like to discuss how our solution can improve your program in 10 different ways.

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