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Childcare Management Software as a Valuable Tool for School Districts and Educators

Posted by EZChildTrack Team on Jan 14, 2022 11:51:44 AM

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School districts are always looking to simplify tasks and increase efficiency across multiple departments. However, as educators, the primary focus is to meet the needs of students of all ages and levels. This is why EZChildTrack is the go-to software for school districts and educators nationwide. As an innovator in childcare management, we feature cloud-based tools designed to increase organizational productivity and ensure programs are meeting daily goals and objectives.

Our technology helps administrators track student grades, attendance, activities, meals, and budgeting. There are also tools for engaging parents via digital channels, making smoother registration and enrollment. The right childcare management software saves time and money and ensures all tasks are met without obstacles. This results in fewer administrative hurdles and more time to achieve student goals and aspirations.

EZChildTrack features valuable tools for school districts and educators

School districts and educators need the right tools for managing their programs. Software helps oversee daily directives and support overall efforts. Childcare management software also plays a crucial role in completing administrative tasks while reducing your paper footprint. If your district is overwhelmed with daily struggles, EZChildTrack can help:

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Communication tools keep everyone on "track"

Management software communication tools are essential for staying on track. You can create messages and send them to multiple recipients from one convenient portal. Engage parents, staff, teachers, and students within a user-friendly interface. These tools keep correspondences active without the hassles of printing information sheets or brochures.

With communication tools, school administrators can:

  • Send emails in bulk to active or inactive accounts in your childcare program.
  • Check the status of each message sent from within the system.
  • Attach essential documents to messages to expedite communications or elicit feedback.
  • Create customized messages, manage correspondences, and download forms linked to your childcare program.
  • Add new bulletins that display essential messages.
  • Apply filters that narrow down recipients based on various criteria.

Manage accounts and data in real-time

EZChildTrack software is ideal for managing both student and family data. You can search for account holders or students with just a few clicks. You can even access and manage account information from one portal. In addition, data can be accessed via smartphones, iPads, and other devices for added convenience.

With management software, educators can managing account data by:

  • Quickly accessing and managing accounts with easy-to-use filters.
  • Updating emergency contacts for students, including which parents/guardians or adults are authorized to collect them from school.
  • Accessing immunization records.
  • Completing enrollment and de-enrollment histories for student rosters.

Whether it's managing accounts, payments due, or communications, there are so many valuable tools at your fingertips. This includes the Parent Portal, which gives parents a central place to access vital information.

Keeping in touch with parents and guardians

Communicating with parents effectively is a challenge. No matter the size of your district or school, parents can be difficult to get a hold of by just phone or email. Having one central portal for parents to access at any time reduces the load on administrative staff to communicate and organize important information.

With management software, parents can manage their child's documents and information while you decide their levels of access. By empowering parents in managing their accounts, you can focus on providing better childcare.

There are additional benefits of the Parent Portal:

  • Parents can make online payments via credit card or bank account. This frees up crucial time spent by administrators and payment teams in processing payments.
  • Parents can register their kids for various programs, including afterschool, summer camps, educational activities, etc.
  • Parents have access to their children's accomplishments and accolades in your program. This allows them to track their child's progress and allows them to be part of the education.
  • They can manage information on their children, including emergency contacts and authorized pickups.
  • They can enroll in auto-pay, track transactions, and print invoices and payment reports.
  • They can even print tax statements, view bulletins/calendars, and easily download registration/enrollment forms.

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Childcare management on the go

A good childcare management software should be cloud-based, so you don't have to be chained to your desk to work. EZChildTrack allows iPad users to record attendance which reduces conventional paperwork and ensures the correct size of classes for all incoming students. 

The iPad interface is also excellent for:

  • Managing and recording real-time attendance entries.
  • Working in collaboration with the EZChildTrack application.
  • Avoiding time-consuming paperwork with online customization options for data entry.
  • Giving your educators, staff, and teams the right tools for multiple attendance options.

There is no hardware IT costs to worry about with web-based, cloud technologies. You get optimal management from one single delivery source, so you can concentrate on what matters the most – the children and their education.

Why does your school district need EZChildTrack?

More school districts are opting for automated processing than ever before. The days of manual, tedious management of school districts and their programs are long gone. With EZChildTrack, you get customizable childcare management software for every facet of your program. Automated billing, data entry, attendance tracking, meal planning, and registering/enrolling students saves time and costs.

If you run a school district and want to upgrade, now is the right time to consider EZChildTrack. Remember, an efficient school district for educators results in more time spent meeting the needs of children. Our tools can help you:

  • Manage student meals, including dietary restrictions from a single system.
  • Connect with your staff to meet daily agendas across multiple digital channels.
  • Streamline and centralize operations with real-time data and statistics access.
  • Avoid repetitive tasks for better decision-making and organizational outcomes.
  • Create planned events, post bulletins, change calendars, and customize schedules for holiday breaks or school closures.

As the nation's leading childcare management software provider, we give school districts and educators everything they need to manage daily operations efficiently. Contact us today so we can bring your school district up to speed.

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