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How EZChildTrack Helped Brevard Public Schools Streamline Operations

Posted by Jeffrey Thomas on Jan 9, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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Brevard County Public Schools in Florida faced the challenge of providing childcare before and after school for 55 elementary schools, operating summer camps for eight schools, and administering 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) programs for twelve different locations.

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Together, these programs served over 74,000 children throughout the year. Brevard County Public Schools were relying on a centralized management system to track attendance, manage billing, and communicate with parents. Unfortunately, their existing software solution could not keep up with the large demand and began causing operational headaches that needed to be addressed.

Teachers, administrators and staff contended with a system that often crashed, operated too slowly, and simply required too much time to use. The school system knew they needed to find a solution quickly, before everything got out of hand.

Brevard County knew to keep operations running smoothly, it needed a centralized management solution with web-based tools that could streamline administrative functions and increase reliability But, they also needed this solution to not break the bank.

To learn more about the challenges that Brevard County Public Schools faced and the solutions that they implemented, read the EZChildTrack case study of Brevard Public Schools. Get insights from the District Coordinator and see what she had to say regarding the implementation of their resolution. You will also find out how Brevard was able to increase parent satisfaction as well as empower their staff with their solution.

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